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I have deep appreciation for art — be it films, design, music or any other form. And when NFTs happened, just like everyone else passionate about art, I too went down the rabbit hole.

Although I started discussing NFTs with colleagues at work, it’s only last month that we decided it was time to do our own NFT experiment. After all, guch takes pride in putting out the highest quality video content & we are connected to film makers and artists. Plus, I also have exposure to global NFT communities & a deep network to seek advice.

What are we doing?

A PFP collection called the Chuggers. But not the typical draw ‘180 traits and then use software to generate.’ That’s not for us at guch.

Chuggers are a collection of NFTs — purist art, enchanting lore, stellar community & exceptional utility. Project with a purpose.

Designed by our in house team, the art is a very fresh take — not another ape or cat.

The golden ratio in design — 1.618

The ‘g’ used in building the character is based on the principle of golden ratio in design.The Golden Ratio is the number used when two quantities are divided in a way that their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger one of the two quantities. That number is 1.618, also called Phi.

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio you can find almost anywhere, like nature, architecture, painting, and music. When specifically applied to design, it creates an organic, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing composition.

Golden Ratio for the original guch logo

The ratio itself comes from the Fibonacci sequence, a naturally occurring sequence of numbers that can be found everywhere, from the number of leaves on a tree to the shape of a seashell.

The Character base

Soorej speaks about how he got the idea to use the ‘g’ itself as the character base.

The opportunity is about creating a base character form which can birth many other unique characters. I really don’t want to create something existing and tweak it. I want to portray a young and futuristic behavior, and a creative art piece which has never been seen before. But I was facing a mind block. Where to start? How to? I was looking at my screen which was full of different character sketches, different shapes, colors, textures for days and I literally fell into obscure bleakness. Time ticks away & then I fall asleep on my computer chair itself. The time was around 2:40 am, I slipped out of the shuteye and yawned. When I looked at my screen, I saw something smiling at me. I gave it a second look and yes it is smiling. I just went outside, took a deep breath of fresh air and returned to my computer. Yes. It is still there! the ‘g’ logo and it is smiling at me. Hurray!! This perspective shows me a clear picture. I can see a character now. A different one, never seen before! Can’t explain how exhilarated I was. That moment turned out to be a great decision to use the ‘g’ shape which is created on the golden ratio as a base form of the character”

Chuggers — The origin story

Joiet, my colleague who loves writing stories got inspired by the character and started writing the lore. A concise origin story is below.

It all started in a lost universe — nature was not kind enough to bless them with colour.

The intelligent form who lived in this colourless nook of the universe, survived the harsh world but the cost was severe. They were called Boomers.

Their world was linear and emotionless- waiting for hope, waiting to be saved.

But salvation did come one day when the black skies lit up with an unexpected ball of flaming colours. For the very first time, the Boomers stopped and looked up at the sky. It was hypnotising and magnificent. A meteor shower of rainbows — it was a space probe.

Slowly on the digital monitor from the space probe, they understood somewhere far away, there lived a species called humans, where colors, movies and music existed. The probe was sent out to the world to explore sentient life outside earth along with the knowledge of the human race.

The Boomers invented the Color Bubble. With the Color Bubble, things were not just black or white, light or dark, one shade or the other. Everything they once saw in shades of two now had their own amazing set of colors, their own identity.

The visual diaries of the human race taught them about movies, art and music as well. Slowly their lives felt more rich and meaningful. They embraced it and absorbed it. It was a big change, Boomers all around the planet came searching for this magnificent experience. This would mark the evolution of Boomers into the new race of Chuggers. The foundation of the city of Chuggerland.

The Chuggers character for representation

The Utility — Independent films from guch studio

After having seen NFT projects very closely — learning best practices, getting rugged, getting inspired & also filpping a few, I know that the best projects have really good teams working together — the artists, devs, marketers and community members.

We want the Chuggers & guch studio to have fantastic utility. This will be announced soon.

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Our Discord is currently closed and we will open access when we are ready.




Dreaming bigger than my imagination can handle. Founder at guch. Interests include videos, startups, NFTs & social tokens

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