New to AVAX NFTs? A guide to get started.

1. About AVAX

Manu Srikumar
2 min readJul 4, 2022


Blazingly Fast,Low Cost, & Eco-Friendly layer-1 blockchain

2. How to buy AVAX and get setup to participate in NFTs?

a. You have to use the Avalanche C chain for buying and selling NFTs.
b. AVAX C chain works with Metamask and its an easy setup. The same ETH wallet address can be used here as well. Link —

c. You can use the AVAX bridge to convert ETH to AVAX. Its pretty easy and your ETH will be converted to WETH.e — it takes about 7 minutes. You can also use ( in fact this is preferred as you will get 0.025 AVAX airdropped irrespective of the amount bridged. This will help in covering gas fee for conversion of WETH.e to AVAX)
d. For minting NFTs, you can convert your WETH.e to AVAX by using (Click on Trade and swap WETH.e to AVAXe. Alternatively you can also buy AVAX on a CEX like coinbase and then send it to your metamask wallet address.
f. Gas is not expensive — averages close to 0.005 AVAX and mint prices are in the range of 2 AVAX at max. There are also free mints as well.

3. What are the NFT marketplaces for AVAX NFTs?


4. Popular PFPs

a. Avalanche Party Animals —
b. AVAXApes —
c. Beanz —
d. Monkeez —

5. Who all to follow on Twitter?

a. AVA Labs team —
b. Avax Meta List by Nikhil Chaturvedi —
c. Avax NFT Community —
d. Project List —
e. Play to Earn list —


a. Buy a .avax name on
b. Read about Subnets —
c. Watch the Subnet show —
d. Join community on Telegram — or Discord —



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