The bull case for DESO!

Manu Srikumar
3 min readJul 21, 2021

On March 29th 2021, I saw a few tweets about this new crypto social network called BitClout now rebranded to DeSo & (twitter like implementation) & I joined. As someone who has been passionate about the creator economy (tried my hand at a Youtube show), I was generally intrigued by the possibilities of ways for creators to maximise their income.

And BTW, I have my first name ‘manu’ as the handle on DeSo.

(FYI — DESO (Decentralised Social ) is the blockchain powering which is just the first Proof of Concept implementation of what all can be built on top of the blockchain)

A few reasons I actually took DESO seriously then

  • Backed by investors like a16z, Social Capital, Sequioa Capital, Coinbase Ventures and many more
  • Active participants on the platform included Dharmesh Shah (Cofounder & CTO of Hubspot), Ryan Hoover (Founder of Product Hunt) & many more people I admire.
  • A post by Jake Udell highlighting the 7 trends why BitClout (now DeSo) could explode.

What I experienced

  • A deeply engaging platform ( that mixes social & finance
  • A community of fantastic builders & artists
  • A way to participate as an early adopter in the Web 3.0 revolution that is happening right now.

Some more reading resulted in me curating some videos from top thinkers & investors I admire.

Naval Ravikant

  • Is there ability to buy & sell BitClout? — Yes, $DeSo is listed on exchanges
  • Is the code open sourced — 100% of the code is open sourced
  • Security issues — What Naval referred to has been implemented (identity). But security could be better for sure.
  • You can’t be banned — Yes
  • Payments are built in — Yes (Creator coins, Diamonds, NFTs — true innovations are in place)
  • Peer governance — Clout Improvement Proposals are in place & the community is very actively participating.
  • Permissionlessly programmable — About 100+ applications already built & developer adoption happening at a fast pace. New Bapps (BitClout Apps) are being added every single day. Check BitHunt here

Chris Dixon (General Partner — Andreessen Horowitz)

While this video does not directly talk about BitClout,

  • The video is a primer on social tokens and why they will become big.
  • How design patterns from the gaming industry will be used by broader internet products
  • The idea of the creator using the coin to offer benefits & the investor speculating on creators and buying tokens.
  • The right business model on the internet is to find some balance between abundance & scarcity — examples from the gaming industry

Shaun Maguire (Sequoia Capital)

  • DeSo being open source & why DeSo does not need to sell data
  • Why 15K profiles were reserved?

Dharmesh Shah (Cofounder & CTO of Hubspot)

  • Scammers are everywhere — even Google was being scammed in the early days
  • Believer in self governance — excited to see what all gets built
  • Dharmesh believes DeSo is legit.

Chamath Palihapitiya (Social Capital)

  • DeSo — Quantifying reputation & trust
  • Excited about what can be built on top of DeSo

Balaji Srinivasan

  • DeSo is genuinely decentralised social media from a technology perspective.
  • Payments are built in & that makes it interesting

Andy Artz (Social Capital)

  • Why did Social Capital invest in DeSo?
  • His definition of DeSo — If Burning Man & Las Vegas had a baby, that’d be DeSo.
  • DeSo brings a sense of wonder and possibility — and you can build applications on top of it

Vitalik Buterin mentions DeSo

  • Vitalik personally cares about building out the social media ecosystem.
  • There’s a widespread belief that existing platforms suck and we need better ones.
  • Vitalik mentions that DeSo is not a ghost town. There is evidence in the need for decentralised social media.

I will continue to curate and add videos from investors & thought leaders to this post. Overall, I am excited about DESO & can’t wait to see what all gets built on it.



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