The Warriors of Freya — NFT Project on Avalanche

Manu Srikumar
4 min readSep 9, 2022

“Time is just a petal of my beautiful daisies. Through the branches of the world tree, I see everything. I, Freya the goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility, and Womanhood have always taken care of my people. For ages, I have watched how humans thrived, flourished, and reached the pinnacle of their advancements.​

I see a new age of beauty, love, technologies, art, and trade have awakened Midgard. It reminds me of my beautiful home, Vanaheim. It reminds me of my journey with sisters to bring equality, freedom, and wisdom throughout the 9 realms. I have rested enough. The horn of Vanir is blown. Rise, my sisters, our time has come. It is time to join alongside to raise a new Vanaheim on the earth.”

The gates of Vanaheim have opened. Freya has woken up in this new world from her divine sleep. Freya’s call for her trusted warriors echoed through the world tree. This is not a call for war. It’s a call to unite world women.

About the Project

Sneak peeks of the art

Warriors of Freya is an art focussed NFT project based on Norse mythology launching on the Avalanche blockchain. The project mints on the joepegs launchpad on Oct 6th. With a supply of 1000 & a mint price of 1 AVAX, the project brings incredible, never seen before art to the blockchain.

The Artist — MISHA

Misha is a concept artist & graphic designer who is a rising superstar among NFT artists. She shot to fame with her collection ‘Unicat’ which is a collection of 1000 unique genesis cats, the pet of a wonderful owner, who lives on the $DeSo blockchain. Warriors of Freya is her debut project on the Avalanche blockchain.


  1. The formation of the initial group of Warriors, the protectors of Fólkvangr. Each Warrior is special, a character close to Freya. They become part of the elite group that presides over the afterlife realm Folkvang.
  2. Warriors need companions — The top 10 wallets holding Warriors will be blessed with an airdrop of 1/1 art featuring a warrior along with an accompanying companion — a cat, a snake, an owl, or more.
  3. The Warrior clan will be provided with whitelist spots and alpha on future projects.
  4. We are in talks with multiple NFT projects to integrate Warriors NFTs into their games as in-game characters.

What are the different warrior races in the collection?

Here are the different classes to understand superiority & hierarchy. (rarity in case of NFTs) — We are not revealing them at the moment, but the blog will be updated post reveal. This is to to ensure collectors who really go deep in understanding stand a chance to snipe the rare ones.



The race of gods responsible for wealth, fertility, and commerce and subordinate to the warlike Aesir.

Frost Giant

The Jotunn, or otherwise colloquially referred to as the Frost Giants are a race of humanoid giants that live on Jotunheim. Frost Giants are considered to be brutish and unruly and their home realm is considered a barren wasteland by more advanced civilizations in the Nine Realms.


They are the spirit or ghost of a dead person, residing in the underworld.


The are the gods of the principal pantheon in Norse religion. In Norse mythology, they wage war against the Vanir, resulting in a unified pantheon.

Midgard Tribes

The earthlings — Midgard is the name for Earth inhabited by and known to humans in early Germanic cosmology.


Völva, a seeress is a woman said to have the ability to foretell future events and perform sorcery.


Warriors of the god Heimdallr. Himinbjörg is detailed as located where the burning rainbow bridge Bifröst meets heaven.

Woman of the Worlds

Celebrating women in all their diversity.

Fire Diety

Goddess associated with fire.




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